Around The World Roundup Valkyrie Storms Top Spot

At the foreign box office, Valkyrie took the initiative over the weekend with $ 19. 2 million from 33 markets, bringing the total to $ 40 million. 2 million euro). Valkyrie had solid openings in Spain ($ 3 million), Russia ($ 2 million) and France ($ 2. The Second World War thriller has had a satisfactory performance, but hasn t packed the same punch as recent titles such as man Yes, Australia or The Day The Earth Stood Still. It was OFF OFF 39 percent in Germany, but only 27 percent in the United Kingdom, and will also take in South Korea, amassing $ 7 million in two weeks there. In two weeks, the image will be further tested with openings in most of Asia and Latin America.

14.5.09 09:01


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