Schwarzenegger Skips School

The plan would be devastating, according to the state schools chief Jack O Connell. Arnold Schwarzenegger would trim five days to 180 days off the school year. If this ignorant of an idea takes hold, the school year will shrink from 180 to 175 days. But this has affected to education - which is already part of $ 17. Credit with the governor to consider all options. 1 billion of savings, as the search for ways to plug a $ 41. 4 billion in proposed cuts to education, health and welfare programs - it is asking too much. 5 billion deficit over 18 months. L idea is a little bigger player in the drama of the budget, a $ 1. The plan proposed by the government. It would put California in a bottommost level of nation states with an short years classroom. If anything, California should be the development of methods for extending the school year, once the financial storm passes.

14.5.09 09:01


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